TikTok for B2B Businesses

Aug 2021

Popular video-sharing platform TikTok has seen its user base grow exponentially over the past two years.


What once began simply as an app where users could create or watch videos related to lip-syncing over popular sounds and songs is now one of the most popular social media platforms in existence.


One of the traits that makes TikTok so unique is its algorithm. Unlike other apps that prioritize an account’s follower count and other factors before giving your posts reach, TikTok prioritizes content above all else with their algorithm. 


While an increasing number of B2C businesses have joined TikTok for their brands, the concept of using TikTok for B2B businesses is still relatively new. So, how do you know if you should be using TikTok for your B2B business and what type of content will succeed on TikTok for B2B businesses?

A person holds an iPhone with the TikTok app pulled up in the App Store.
TikTok for B2B businesses is new territory. If your B2B business is ready to try TikTok for social media marketing, try creating content that will resonate with younger audiences, entertains, teaches something, or inspires while skipping the “hard sell.”

You Have the Ability to Create Video Content

If you’re on a social media platform, you will need to create content to post on the channel, and TikTok for B2B businesses is no exception. 


Before going all-in on TikTok, ensure that you will have enough time to create content to post here and the capabilities to do so. You’ll need to have someone internally who can shoot the short videos for you and edit them, or you’ll need to hire a videographer to do so. 


Early data suggests that accounts that post multiple videos a day will perform better than accounts that only post once per day, or even a few times per week. 


You Aren’t Expecting an Immediate ROI

TikTok right now is largely an entertainment channel. This is a good thing because the channel retains viewers longer than competing social media video-sharing platforms such as YouTube or Facebook videos. However, if you’re thinking about TikTok as a way to get immediate sales, leads, or other metrics directly tied to ROI, this may not be the best channel. 


Perhaps the best use of TikTok for B2B is to improve your top-of-funnel metrics, like creating awareness or connecting more with Gen Z. 

You’re Open to Trial and Error

TikTok for B2B businesses is still a relatively new area on TikTok, so there’s no black and white blueprint of what types of content or marketing campaigns will work. With this in mind, your B2B company should be open to more of a trial-and-error approach. Some of your content on this channel may not perform at all, while other videos that highlight a certain aspect of your business might perform well. 


Based on TikTok’s current user base, we can make some predictions. Some types of content that may not work or resonate with audiences on TikTok include faceless content, content that focuses on a “hard sell,” or posts that you won’t manage on an ongoing basis. TikTok is known for having very active comment sections, with a high percentage of users who frequently engage with creators and other commenters. 


If you decide to begin posting content on TikTok for your business, remember that above all else, audiences on social media typically seek the same things – to be entertained, to learn something, or to be inspired. 


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