Instagram For Beginners: My Favorite Feature 

Apr 2020

With more than one billion users, including 75 percent of all U.S. businesses, Instagram has become part of our culture. With that said, some may be new to the ever-growing social media platform. So, if your self-quarantine has inspired you to join “The Gram,” here is my favorite basic-level Instagram tip.

It’s called the Bookmark feature, and just like a bookmark, it’s basic yet helpful. The Bookmark allows you to essentially save a picture for later. It’s really helpful if you’re searching for specific images like amazing vacation destinations or must-try restaurant items.

Here’s how it works. Below the image you want to save, tap the Bookmark icon on the right. Your picture is now saved. It’s that simple. To unsave a photo, just tap the Bookmark icon again.

If you like to organize your photos, just hold down on the Bookmark icon until the Save to Collection feature appears. Click the Plus Sign icon to create your own collection or pick an existing one.

To view, edit, delete, or organize your Instagram saves, go to your Profile, tap the Menu (three lines in the top-right corner) and go to Saved. You’ll then be able to select any new photos you’ve Bookmarked. Once you’ve picked them, tap Done to add them to the collection. To delete a collection, first tap on that Collection, and then hit the three dots in the right corner. Once there, just pick Delete Collection. It’s an easy way to organize and gather the millions of photos you’ll find on Instagram. 

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