Atlanta Businesses: Stay Connected to Your Team While Working Remotely

Apr 2020

It’s no secret that people across the world are more distanced now than ever before. Families and friends aren’t the only ones finding quarantine to be challenging — many Atlanta businesses who rely heavily on collaboration to accomplish day-to-day activities are struggling to stay connected during the city’s Shelter in Place order.  


As your team is working remotely, scattered across Atlanta and beyond, it’s imperative that your communication extends beyond semi-regular video conferencing and a few extra emails here and there. 


Here are a few ways your team can foster collaboration and boost company morale from miles away.


Implement A Morning Huddle

If you aren’t doing so already, start meeting with your team virtually every morning — this won’t require too much time, and it’s an easy way to make sure every member of the team is on the same page. This time should be used to lay out each department’s priorities and goals for the day, as well as give members the space to speak up if they are facing any challenges and need assistance. Even a brief meeting can help instill a sense of collaboration and open communication while you work from home.


Keep Your Team In The Loop

While you definitely don’t want to cause any fear among your employees, you should openly communicate about any updates that have taken place pertaining to the pandemic. One of the most effective ways to do this is to establish one of your team members as the expert on all things COVID-19. This individual will be the point-person for any team members who have questions about the virus, how to stay safe, updates they have seen from the media, and any new legislation that comes out regarding staying at home. This person should bring their updates to the team on a weekly basis to make sure everyone feels safe and informed. 


Be Generous With Your Affirmations

High-performing companies not only make a point to challenge their coworkers’ ideas and offer feedback — they also search for ways to cheer each other on. As people are forced to stay home, it’s likely that some of your coworkers are struggling to keep their spirits high. Whether it’s during your morning huddle, a weekly team meeting, or even a private message, make sure you’re staying on the lookout for moments to praise the people you work with.


KWSM President Katie Wagner recently talked to Inc. Magazine about how we highlight each other’s achievements at KWSM. Each week, we use a “Caught in the Act” form to recognize each other. Read the full article here


Make Time For Fun!

It’s possible that this time of isolation could actually bring your team closer together, simply by taking the time to have more fun together! Try scheduling virtual coffee dates with a small group of coworkers to get to know each other better, or host a virtual happy hour at the end of the week. Taking small breaks from work together could be just what your company needs to keep morale high when it’s crunch time.


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