How to Approach Your Customers Online

Apr 2016
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A good handshake signifies a strong relationship built on trust – any flops, and you’ll just end up embarrassing yourself.

The biggest part of sales is likeability. But in a digital world where you can’t shake someone’s hand in a face to face meeting, how do you capitalize on that personable X-factor? It’s called savvy digital marketing. There is a fine line between loud, hard selling and approachable, non-intrusive selling. While the former is important at times, the latter is the method to use more frequently.


Understand the Context

Do your research. Knowing the data of your audience’s purchase history, shopping behaviors, and demographics can help you better target them. A woman in her thirties doesn’t necessarily care about big screen TVs, for example. Consider the history of your customers – do they purchase via smart phone more? Tailor your ads to what your audience is looking for. Once you understand the context of your audience, pick the ideal target demographic you wish to sell to and craft messaging and graphics designed to appeal primarily to them.


Know the Right Channels

Who is your audience? What social media channels do they use? Millennials primarily use Instagram and Snapchat, while older demographics tend to stick towards only Facebook. Use LinkedIn if your audience includes mostly professionals. Need to advertise a job? Try LinkedIn ads with a Sponsored Update or Text Ad. Selling a cute product to a heavily female-based audience? Invest in Pinterest ads.


Remember the People

At the end of the day, doing business is about building relationships. While sales hangs largely on numbers, the success of those numbers begins on being likeable and human. People like doing business with people – this is why you will never meet someone who enjoys being put on hold with an automated recording during a customer service phone call. To move your consumers to action, treat your customers are people. Personalize your text on your website, make customer service representatives available, and when you respond to help questions, personalize it when possible to show you really care. Quality always trumps quantity. Use empathy to make your customers relate to you, leading to them liking you. Be that company that customers know, like, and trust. Your sales will follow.

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