3 Ways Animal Accounts On Instagram Have Revolutionized Social Media

Apr 2016

When it comes to Instagram, it’s no surprise that the most popular accounts are ones that feature animals participating in cute activities. Whether it’s a pet chinchilla spreading holiday cheer by pushing around a Christmas tree in a shopping cart or a bulldog taking tasteful selfies wearing sunglasses, Instagram accounts operated by pet owners have transformed the way all business owners manage their accounts.

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Famous animal Instagram accounts have taught us the importance of a strong background to properly feature our products, always think outside the box to stand out from the competition and showing your fun side is key to showing your audience all aspects of your company and culture.

Here are the top 3 ways pet animal Instagram accounts have taught us how to best utilize our social media skills:

Product Placement

There are plenty of unique ways to make your product stand out from the crowd. Depending on the voice of your company brand, you could feature your product in a funny way, a collegiate way or in a commercial way.

For example, in our favorite animal Instagram accounts, pet owners have endorsed products by using their pets along with colorfully engaging backgrounds to draw the audience in and stay on that photo longer than usual. These engagement tactics will grow your fan base.

@darcytheflyinghedgehog 359,000 Followers

But don’t stop there. Bring in other accessories that will make your product pop. For instance, if you are selling a business coaching webinar, instead of taking a picture of people standing around a conference table, you could have your coaches playing a game of pick-up basketball with one of the managers refereeing the game. And depending on your brand’s voice, you could write in your description, “Are you ready to join our team and learn what it takes to win the game?” Creating monthly strategies to connect with your audience in new ways is important to growing your social media presence.

Build Your Brand

Consistency is key. Here at Katie Wagner Social Media, we keep our Instagram account consistent by using a similar color and pattern scheme, keeping our voice consistent in all of our photo descriptions and always adding a call to action so our fans can reach out to us with additional questions.

One of the more famous pet Instagram accounts, @mumitan, features a daily dose of Mumitan – a very dapper and well dressed bunny rabbit. Every single day this bunny is dressed head-to-toe in suits, ties, top hats and ascots to prepare for his day. Mumitan has almost 16,000 followers because his fans know that every single day a picture of this bunny wearing a shirt and tie will show up in their feed. Consistency grows a large following.

@mumitan 15,800 Followers

Once you have established your brand and agreed on how you will express yourself online, post photos that are creative yet have one or two things in common, like color palette and hashtags.

Be Aesthetically Pleasing

The reason the top ten animal Instagram accounts are so famous is because the pet owners know how to lure us in and capture our attention. Things like poor lighting, dull colors or unappealing product placement will quickly lose followers. Instagram is one of the top social media networking channels and it is primarily photo oriented and when it comes to Facebook, people are drawn into certain accounts because of how impressive their photos are. Taking the time to edit your photos to powerfully highlight your product may take time at first but will be worth it when your fans grow.

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