Your Guide to Choosing the Right Type of LinkedIn Ad

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LinkedIn ads are more expensive than Facebook ads, but based on your objective, they can yield better results for your business. LinkedIn ads are a great tool for business-to-business interaction, as well as gaining more followers on your company page. Here’s what you need to know to create a successful LinkedIn ad campaign.

There are two types of LinkedIn ads, and, depending on your objective, you can choose which is better for your goals.

A Sponsored Update is similar to a Boosted Post on Facebook. This type of ad will boost your company’s content across all devices, attract new followers to your company page and reach the right audience with targeting options. The post will appear in the main news feed of those whom you target. However, keep in mind that instead of simply choosing “Sponsor update” on a post directly from your company page (the shortcut method to sponsoring an update), you should plan your sponsored update from the Campaign Manager in order to access further targeting options.

A Text Ad is designed to start generating leads in minutes. It appears in the right hand column of the LinkedIn feed in the section titled “Ads You May Be Interested In.” With this type of ad, you have the ability to add a headline, description, and 50×50 image, select your target audience with business-to-business filters, set your own budget and measure the ad’s performance. This type of ad can also be a bit pricier than a Sponsored Update.

Advertising can boost the overall activity on your company page, leading to new followers and higher engagement. Sponsored updates are better for this type of goal. Keep in mind that users can engage more with an ad they see in their central news feed as opposed to the right hand column. If you must choose between the two options, a Sponsored Update is usually the better place to spend your money. Remember, there are also free ways to drive success on your LinkedIn profile. Those posts that succeed organically will also perform well when transformed into ads.

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