Can a Press Release Service Work for Small Businesses?

May 2023

press-release-serviceSmall business owners often forget to prioritize it, but a press release service can greatly boost a brand’s image, help to announce a new product or service, and even draw in more website visitors with a bit of search engine optimization (SEO). 

Despite the multitude of channels available today, from newsletters to social media platforms, press releases still hold relevance. Press releases are an opportunity to reach massive audiences if distributed through reliable syndication.

I’ve been working as a copywriter for many years, both for in-house teams and at publications on the receiving end of press releases. When I moved into agency life at KWSM, I joined a team of brand journalists who have helped businesses of all sizes get the word out about their company news for more than 13 years.

Find out how a press release service can help small businesses boost their online exposure and reach new audiences.

What is a Press Release Service?

When you work with a press release service a team will take the writing and syndication responsibilities off your plate and ensure that best practices are being followed throughout the process. From the way a press release is titled and structured to the day of the week it’s sent out, details matter – and it can be easy for business owners to forget the importance of these aspects if they go the DIY route. 

Depending on the industry you’re in, a well-crafted press release can do wonders for your small- to mid-sized business. They offer a gateway for you to get into the news, build a larger audience, and ultimately generate positive media coverage for your brand. 

Press Releases at KWSM

At KWSM, we write and syndicate press releases for clients through a media outreach platform that allows us to build contact lists and reach out to subject matter experts and reporters directly. The platform also offers analytics, such as clickthrough and open rates, to help with optimization for future press releases. 

To boost these metrics, I’ve found that fine-tuning the subject line can do the trick. This can come in the form of shorter vs. longer subject lines, or using more intriguing language to catch the eyes of readers. 

How Press Releases Can Help Small Businesses

Press releases are most often used to provide crucial information to current or prospective customers, such as an official statement, product launch, or service update. 

“Press releases are great for getting the word out about your brand, a new product, or a recent update to your services – but they’re so much more than that. When done right, you can use releases to build a positive brand sentiment with untapped customers – not to mention the SEO benefits, which can complement your overall marketing strategy.”

                • Brianna Zambrano, Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist, KWSM

Press releases help to deliver big news to new audiences while keeping prospective customers, industry professionals, and the general public up-to-date with company news. But there are plenty more reasons to send out a press release. Here are some common use cases:

  • To announce a new product, service, merger, or acquisition
  • To establish a positive brand sentiment among potential customers
  • To expand public knowledge of your company
  • To gain readers through SEO

The first two are fairly self-explanatory. New products or services are important news items to share, and regular press releases are a great way to improve your transparency with customers. If there’s a major shift in your company, you can share that news with the public to build upon that transparent image. 

The last benefit isn’t as clear, but press releases can be optimized for SEO. This means that by using specific keywords related to your business, you allow more people to find your release online, and learn about your company. This is great for boosting your online visibility – but the real SEO benefit of press releases is the backlinking opportunity. 

Backlinks are integral to SEO. The more places on the internet that link back to your website, the more authority your site will gain with Google, and press releases can build those links with regular effort. When a journalist receives your release and writes a story about it, they’ll often include a backlink to your website. It’s editorial etiquette, which works in your favor. The more journalists that are linking to your site, the more domain authority you’ll gain on Google – giving you a nice boost to your SEO strategy.

Case Study: Los Angeles Employment Lawyer

As a copywriter at KWSM, I write monthly press releases for several industry professionals. One of my clients, an employment and Title IX attorney in Los Angeles, partnered with KWSM to help generate more web traffic and media inquiries. Her goal was to appear on more news features as a legal expert who commented on matters related to employment law. 

Along with bi-weekly blogs, we send out monthly press releases to news contacts in L.A. that highlight her expertise and share her insights into various employment law issues. We drive media features through a handful of PR tools and tactics, including high-quality, custom media lists we’ve built to make sure the right people see the releases.

Boost Your Small Business’s Exposure With a Press Release Service

Business owners and marketing managers often have too much on their plates to craft, optimize, and distribute their own press releases. Working with a press release service can take this off your plate and ensure consistent results. You can rest easy knowing that your press releases are written, structured, and delivered according to best practices.


Engage & Grow Your Audience with a Press Release Service

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