Team News: KWSM Celebrates the Second Annual Taylor David Day

May 2023


May 23, 2023, marked the 7th workiversary for KWSM Director of Accounts, Taylor David. In 2020, we declared this day would forever be known as “Taylor David Day,” to celebrate Taylor, her passion, her countless contributions to our team, and her fearless leadership.


Between getting married and transitioning to her new role as Director of Accounts, Taylor has had quite a big year! Even amid all the planning and life changes, she hasn’t missed a beat.


If there’s one thing to know about Taylor, it’s that no matter what circumstances she faces, she will always find a way to rise above, persevere, and succeed in the end. This tenacity is just one of the characteristics that makes her such an exceptional and inspiring leader, and it also makes our clients feel secure knowing she’s on their team.


Taylor’s Leadership at KWSM

Taylor is a natural fit for her role. She holds the agency’s account managers accountable and makes sure we have all of the tools, resources, and support we need to succeed and generate the best results for our clients.


One reason Taylor excels in this position is that she has worked from the ground up over her seven years at KWSM. She started her journey at our agency as a Junior Content Editor in May 2016, quickly learned the ropes and became a Content Editor in 2017, was promoted to Senior Content Editor in 2018, and then took on greater leadership and management responsibilities in 2020 as a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist and our agency’s Manager of Content, Advertising, and Training before accepting her current role as our Director of Accounts in August 2022.


She knows the ins and outs of each role because she spent years doing the same tasks herself (and crushing it, I might add). This level of insight and loyalty to the agency makes her all the more trustworthy and credible as a leader for our team


Taylor David

She’s A Supportive Manager

Taylor meets with each Senior Digital Marketing Strategist (SDMS) and Digital Account Manager (DAM) weekly to provide helpful feedback, gauge how our client work is going, ask where we need support, and check in on how we’re feeling with our current bandwidth.


Every time I meet with Taylor, I can see how she knows exactly where each of my projects stands before I even tell her. She treats all of my clients with attention to detail and care as if they were her own – a trait I greatly value and admire in a manager. Not only is it impressive that she can keep up with all of the work each SDMS and DAM is doing daily but it builds an incredible amount of trust for us to know she has our back and can step in to help at a moment’s notice if we need her. 


New Content Initiatives

KWSMOne of Taylor’s initiatives for our department this year is for us to start incorporating Zero Click Content into our client’s social media posts, blogs, email marketing, and all other digital communications.


At the KWSM Summit earlier this spring, Taylor presented how native content – pieces that keep users on that platform rather than linking them away to your own website – is becoming more and more effective in 2023 for a number of reasons. 


For one, people want the answers they are looking for as fast as possible. If you can get them to the right information without making them click behind another wall, you’ve won. Also, we’re seeing that the platform algorithms themselves are rewarding (AKA promoting) native content in news feeds more than posts that include external links. 


This is just one example of how Taylor keeps her finger on the pulse of digital marketing trends to make the work we do for our clients as effective and successful as possible.


Here’s What Other KWSM Team Members Had To Say About Taylor


“Taylor is a remarkable coworker. Week after week, she impresses me with her versatile talents and exceptional people management skills. Her unwavering attention to detail and innate calmness are apparent, and it feels like she effortlessly always knows the right moves to make when faced with a challenge. Taylor’s brilliance shines through in every situation, and she is truly an invaluable asset to our team.” – Greg Colacino, Director of Content


“Taylor truly is a superhero. She always creates time in a packed week to help anyone on the team and has the infinite strength to help clear the path through any obstacle. Since I began working here, Taylor has made KWSM an inviting and safe place to learn, grow, and succeed. Taylor is the glue that connects all of us from coast to coast together and she truly embodies everything our company represents.” – Brianna Zambrano, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist


“When I think of Taylor, phrases like “five-tool player” and “triple threat” come to mind. She’s a plethora of marketing knowledge and seems to always have an answer – which is why she’s the main POC for new hires who need a helping hand. She has this unique ability to juggle large client projects and weekly tasks, all while answering hundreds of questions per week from new hires, DAMs, and copywriters. She’s absolutely integral to the team, and a huge contributor to my own growth as a content marketer.” – Monty Montgomery, Copywriter


“It is impossible to overstate how much Taylor does for our agency. She is always available to help and support each team member when they need her. But what is probably most impressive is how easy she makes it look. Every day, she straps on her Director of Accounts cape and comes to the rescue whenever we need her and makes it look routine.” – Josh Rodriguez, Copywriter


Happy Taylor David Day!

Thank you, Taylor, for your passion for excellence, your tenacity for growth, and your unwavering loyalty to our team. Cheers to the next year ahead!



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