4 Ways to Make your Instagram Story Amazing

 4 Ways to Make your Instagram Story AmazingInstagram Stories are a great way to get in front of your followers and show a glimpse of your brand on a day to day basis.  Creating content for your Instagram Story is a little different than creating content for the traditional Insta grid. Here are some ways you can make your IG Story amazing.


Make it easy on the eyes

In typical Instagram fashion, you’ll want any photos or videos to be a visual delight – meaning that before you post a picture of your morning cup of joe, try staging flowers or a book with it. Just like traditional Instagram posts, remember to try and get the best angles and lighting.  Consider playing with the different font and sticker options to make it more fun. Although Instagram Stories themselves don’t have to exactly match your Instagram account, keep your brand in mind. If you’re audience or brand is more professional, you’ll want to shy away from GIFs and some of the stickers.  


Don’t make it too wordy

Keep in mind that the longest Story slide is around 10 seconds, so lots of words not only make it hard to read but usually don’t look the best either. Leave the long captions for traditional Instagram posts. You can also tag other pages and add relevant hashtags into your post. This can help increase views – especially if another page shares your content to their story.

Utilize features that increase engagement

Instagram has many different features that you can incorporate into your Story to increase engagement from your followers. Try utilizing features like Polls, Multiple Choice questions, and Ask a question boxes to engage with your audience and also learn more about what they like. This can help you create content in the future!

Be relatable to your audience

Your followers follow you for a reason, and they will tell you what they like. The whole point of sharing your ‘Story’ is because your followers want to know and learn about you! Pay attention to those Instagram Insights; they will tell you which posts were the most successful.


One-third of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses.

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