3 Ways To Build Lasting Connections With Your Followers

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If you owned a brick and mortar store, you wouldn’t ignore the chime when someone walks in your front door. So why would you delay responding to a potential customer when they virtually chime in to your brand online?

Whether it’s a message in your inbox, a comment on a social post, or a response to a blog post you’ve written, your audience is hoping you’ll respond to their engagement. If too many messages are slipping through the cracks and it’s taking you too long to respond, it’s time to make your responsiveness a priority.

Cultivate Your Followers

One of the most important factors of having a strong social media presence is having an engaged group of followers. That’s why it’s crucial to understand who your audience is and interact with them. Once you have that core group of followers, they’ll help spread the word about your brand organically, getting you more followers and potential sales. So, how do you engage your audience?

Understand Your Audience

The first step is gaining a deep understanding of the people reading and watching your messaging. What’s the common age group? Demographic? Interests? Ask yourself these types of questions because you want your posts to be relevant to them. When you’re writing content for your channels, speak to your audience. Touch on things that would interest them. Do your research! This will lead to your followers developing trust within your brand and will keep them coming back for more.

Humanize Your Brand

Once you’ve created content that has reeled in your audience, the next step is to develop a brand voice to communicate with your followers. Whenever you see a comment or message, participate in the conversation. This reminds your followers that you are a person. It lets them know they can speak with you and trust you. Once you’ve engaged with your audience on a personal level, you’ll be able to find out more about them, which in turn leads to more riveting content and priceless insights about your consumers.

Something to remember when responding to your audience is to be speedy! People expect strong customer service online. If someone reaches out and it takes a week or two to get back to them, it becomes irrelevant. Learn more about quick response tips here.

Still don’t have enough time in the day? Managing multiple social media channels can be pretty time-consuming. We can help!

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