The St. Patrick’s Day Campaign Worth Its Weight In Gold

Mar 2017
Photo credit: @theboldandvibrant

You don’t need the luck of the Irish to pull off a great St. Patrick’s Day campaign!

For this festive holiday, businesses typically stick with the usual holiday graphics, discounted sales, and fun freebies when engaging their fans on social media. And while there were many fun social media campaigns out there this year, one stood out above the rest—even if just by a pinch.

This St. Patrick’s Day, Pressed Juicery wowed with a seamless campaign aimed at boosting their newsletter roster. The campaign centered around allowing fans to send each other free mini green juice grams in the form of a 2 oz. “shot” of their Greens 3 juice. This may have cost them rounds of free drinks, but the payoff was worth its weight in gold. From the beginning to the end, this is a social media strategy we’d suggest following to the very end of the rainbow!


The Hook

Pressed Juicery posted an article by The Chalkboard Mag to its Facebook fan page detailing its St. Patrick’s Day campaign. With a simple caption of “Happy #StPatricksDay!” the cold pressed juice giant kept it simple and naturally sweet.

In the back end, Pressed Juicery ran website traffic ads through Facebook. These spread the message that you could send a friend a green juice shot on St. Patrick’s Day. As a Pressed Juicery junkie (and of course one of their targeted audience members), I immediately clicked.


The Ask 

After clicking the Facebook ad, the link sent me to a landing page where I was asked to enter my email address and the email address of the person with whom I would like to send a St. Patrick’s Day green juice shot. To send it, I needed also to check a box that I would like to be subscribed for further Pressed Juicery updates. I checked the box and sent a freebie juice to my coworker, Katelyn. After that, I received another email asking me to confirm my email address.

As a marketer, I’m very aware of when a brand is asking me for something. Whether it’s tagging friends on a Facebook post or signing up for a newsletter, there’s always a reason behind The Ask. In this specific case, Pressed Juicery wanted more newsletter signups, and a round of free drinks was worth the price!


The Give

Pressed Juicery was as good as St. Patrick’s Day gold on its promise, promptly delivering a code to my email inbox.

All that was left was to visit a location and get my green on! In case customers weren’t close to any storefront locations, Pressed Juicery also offered a 15% off deal on a juice cleanse.


The Takeaway

Pressed Juicery’s St. Patrick’s Day campaign accomplished three valuable goals:

  1. Earned newsletter sign ups
  2. Engaged its audience
  3. Accomplished it all with seamless style

While the top two are important, the third is what holds it all together. In a successful social media campaign, everyone from the brand to its audience should come out on top. By integrating newsletter signups into a fun campaign, the brand was able to disguise a typical ask as an exciting way to send a friend some St. Patrick’s Day love.

In an added bonus for the pressed juice giant, when my coworker and I went to redeem our coupons, we bought additional Pressed Juicery products—because why not? We were already there! Not only did the initial goal of earning our newsletter signups work, but Pressed Juicery roped us into a storefront location and earned our business.


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