3 Epic April Fool’s Day Content Ideas for Social Media

Mar 2017

3 Epic April Fool’s Day Content Ideas for Social MediaApril Fool’s Day can be every business’ Christmas, and some don’t even realize it. This is an opportunity to get a little crazy and very creative. Whether you work in the restaurant industry or the insurance industry, there are plenty of April Fool’s Day content ideas for any business. Here are three different approaches you can take with your content.


Give a History Lesson

Some people are actually curious about the origin of April Fool’s Day and who better to break it down than you? First and foremost, make sure the content is appropriate for your brand—you don’t want to get too crazy. If you occasionally share fun facts and lifestyle-related content, this is the right type of content for your business.

Share Prank Ideas

Give your followers a few ideas to help them plan the most epic pranks on either their loved ones or work colleagues. Be sure that each idea is harmless but will incite a load of laughs. Have your followers share the results of their pranks through video or photos. This is a great way to get people talking on your pages. Looking to score bonus points? Allow your fans do the silly work and challenge them to fool people incorporating your product or service. Turn this into a contest to gain even more participants and include an incentive they won’t be able to refuse.

Prank Your Audience

We had to save the best for last. Every year businesses around the world use social media to fool their customers into thinking they’ve launched a new product, a fan-favorite is being discontinued, they’ve changed their name, and the list goes on. If humor is a part of your brand voice, one of these might work. Obviously, if your business is a law firm or another serious brand, you cannot joke around with your reputation. This is usually reserved for fun products and services. Whether your goal is to promote a new product/service, increase your engagement or just spread awareness of your less popular offerings, this is the day to do it.


While April Fool’s Day is a day designated for tomfoolery, it’s still important to make sure your content is in line with your brand’s identity and values. One post you think is fun or humorous could offend or alienate the audience – bringing down the brand you worked so hard to build. Always exercise caution with your content and don’t jeopardize your reputation unnecessarily on April 1st or any other day of the year. Check back with us as we round up the best April Fool’s social media content and show you some great examples.


Take your April Fool’s Day content to the next level by incorporating these social media trends.



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