3 Major Moves Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Might be Missing

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The social media world does not revolve around marketing. But you don’t have to take our word for it; there’s a theory behind this madness. Many brands establish their social channels around creating content and promoting products or services. And while this is essential, it should not be your main focus when placing your business on social media.

Think about it—it’s not about you, your product/service, or even profits. It’s about the customer. Whether you’re creating content or responding to a comment, when you use social media with the customer in mind, you can come across as more authentic and trustworthy.

Here are other ways you can use social media outside the realm of marketing.

Customer Service

Customer service doesn’t stop when your customer leaves your store or website. They expect it on social media as well, and your speed of response matters when a customer has a question or complaint about your product/service. If the response comes too late, you can risk losing a customer so be sure to get back to them as soon as possible.

In addition to queries, some customers also flock to social media to leave horrible reviews. When responding to these types of comments, always keep in mind that others are watching and be very careful about choosing the right words. This is the best time to follow ‘the customer is always right’ philosophy—even if they’re not.

Customer Acquisition

You can gain so much information about your customers by just following their journey on social media. People publish, like, share and comment so much that they practically provide a backstage pass into their lives. You’re missing out if you’re not using this to your business’ advantage.

Customer acquisition can also help to uncover where they spend most of their time. Then you can follow where they go. If a lot of them are talking about WhatsApp’s latest Status update, there’s the home of your next big campaign. And if suddenly Snapchat is out and Instagram Stories is in, you can start formulating a strategy for the platform.

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Remember, your customer is what matters most, so their opinion should be gold to you. After all, they are on the receiving end of the product/service. You can go the traditional route and post a survey to uncover the weaknesses in your product/service. Strategic this/that posts can help you gather information about what your customers prefer, especially when you’re thinking of releasing or removing a product/service.

Give your customer a positive experience they won’t forget every time they come in contact with your brand. Study what they enjoy doing, how they speak, and what they need. Once you understand who your customers are, you can then create a social media experience that will attract loyal customers, who not only enjoy your product/service but your brand as a whole.

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