Attack of the Twitter Purge | Social Media Help Desk Episode 24

Aug 2018

The Twitter Purge has hit – how are your accounts dealing with the aftermath? This week, KWSM President Katie Wagner leads our Facebook LIVE discussion, Social Media Help Desk, with guests Stephen Wagner and Daniel Thaete, as they discuss the Twitter Purge, whether Instagram is right for your business, and attempt to answer the question – how much time on social media is too much time?


First, Katie and the KWSM panel discuss the recent Twitter Purge that hit accounts worldwide. In an attempt to rid Twitter of it’s rule breakers and spam accounts, Twitter held a “purge,” deleting accounts that were creating spam or were not abiding by the terms and conditions of Twitter. And while losing followers may be a hit to your ego, the experts at the Social Media Help Desk explain why losing spam followers might not actually be a bad thing.


Then Daniel walks the panel through how a business can tell if Instagram is the right channel for them. With its growing popularity, most businesses feel that they need to have an Instagram presence in order to be marketing properly. Daniel explains that determining whether your customers are on the channel, the type of content you have to post, and what your competitors are doing can give you guidance on whether Instagram is really the right place for your business. And while you may think that your company doesn’t have enough visual subject matter to post quality content on Instagram, Katie reminds viewers that sometimes you have to think outside of the box to come up with compelling content that is going to hook your audience. Remember, it’s important to have a comprehensive strategy if you are going to be utilizing any social media channel to promote your business.


Feeling the social media fatigue? We all know what it’s like to feel like you’ve run out of ideas for content. Stephen, who has a long history in social media marketing, shares with the panel his tips for refreshing old content to work with your new content strategy. Stephen believes that by changing up your copy, shortening the content for the appropriate channels, updating posts that proved to be successful, and creating a content calendar, you can make the most out of the content you already have and give yourself time to come up with new and engaging ideas!


Each week we wrap up the Help Desk with trending news topics we find helpful or interesting. Most recently, Facebook released a time management feature that will allow you to determine how long you should be on social media each day, and when you want Facebook to remind you to shut it down. While this is an interesting feature, the real topic of discussion was, how much social media is too much social media?? In other Facebook news, the platform announced it has recently updated its partner platform, WhatsApp, to close the gap between businesses and customers by creating a live chat support option. This will only be free for the business if a response is made within 24 hours. Monetizing the platform is a natural next step as Facebook purchased WhatsApp in 2014.


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