Your Branding Checklist for Social Media

You’ve signed your company up for the appropriate social media channels, but your work is not done. Maintain your business’ brand with this convenient checklist.

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Create Consistency

Are you currently using different logos, usernames, or colors on your different social media sites? Huge mistake! Consumers thrive on consistency and if your branding is inconsistent you can guarantee your follower count is going to be consistently poor. Find your favorite logo and stick with it! This will make it easier for curious customers to find you and grow your fan base across all of your channels.

Curate Content

Simply being present on social media will not get you the results your company needs to be successful. Keep an active voice on your channels by posting multiple times a week, if not multiple times a day. Twitter is one of the channels you may want to post on several times each day. Here’s a look at your daily Twitter checklist.

Monitor Your Mentions

Your company is not going to be tagged in every single conversation someone has about it. This is where you could consider using social media monitoring tools to catch what you might miss. When possible, try to get involved in these conversations by following the people who are talking about you.

Acknowledge Advocates

Most brands have outspoken fans that can provide some free marketing through word-of-mouth recommendations. Nurture those relationships by doing things like commenting on their positive posts or even highlight them as a super fan on your own channels. Your shout outs may also inspire other users to brag about your business in the hopes of being featured on your sites.

Check for Changes

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and adding new features. By staying up-to-date with your favorite site you can find ways to make the new tools work for your business. Don’t waste time scouring the internet to find these updates, set up google alerts and get direct emails about your designated sites. This feature is also great for instantly getting updates on what people are writing about your company or industry.

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