Why Your Company Needs A Unique Hashtag

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Thousands of businesses are created and collapsed every day. To make sure your company is on the expanding side of operations, you need to be on the forefront of marketing and promoting your brand. Create a custom hashtag your business can use on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ to build the following you need to thrive.

Hatch the Perfect Hashtag

Create a memorable hashtag that your company can incorporate in every post. This hashtag should be 2-3 words long and catchy enough for people to want to use it. If you can create a phrase that is an alliteration or rhymes, you’ll increase your odds of it gaining momentum with users. If all else fails, use your company’s name as a simple yet effective hashtag. Before you start posting, search the hashtag on your social media channels to make sure it is not already being used by another business.

Build Brand Awareness

A unique hashtag is an added layer to building your company’s brand awareness. Your original tags can be used to generally promote your business, highlight a specific campaign, and let users know about your latest contest. For example, by asking people to use a certain hashtag when submitting photos, ideas, or jokes for your latest contest, you will have an easier time searching for a winner once the entry period is over. The submissions will all be in one place.

Simplify Searches

Hashtags are becoming a crucial search tool for users looking for specific products or services. Use your unique hashtag in as many posts as possible to make it even easier for people to find your business on channels like Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to let users know they can use your unique hashtag to alert you to posts they want you to see or share. Search your trademark hashtag at least once a week for new posts and highlight them on your own pages when applicable. Incorporate other popular hashtags along with your unique ones to increase the number of people you reach.

Spark Conversations

Host your own Twitter chat with a unique hashtag. Start promoting your chat several days before it’s scheduled so as many interested users as possible will know when they can join the conversation. These real time chats can be a fantastic way to boost your brand engagement in a short period of time. Take this opportunity to discuss the lifestyle that comes with using your products or services, and avoid obvious sales pitches.

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