Why Consistency is Key for Social Media

katie wagner social media, orange county social media consultantAre you being consistent with your social media?  This may seem like a simple question, but when we break it down, there are many different pieces to look at.

Consistency does not just mean your are posting a certain number of times a day, every day.  That is definitely a part of it.  However, being consistent also refers to your voice or brand.  Are you saying things the same way when you post?  Are you sending the same message?  Is your content representative of your brand overall?  Staying consistent is extremely important, because if you attract a fan or follower for being one way, but then are suddenly doing something different the next day, and the day after that is different from the previous two, then your new connection will be confused and refuse to engage, or worse, disconnect from you altogether.

Know Your Voice

Be sure you know who your brand is.  This includes your brands voice.  Your brand should talk about things the same way.  Are you serious and professional?  Are you fun and quirky?  Are you relaxed and casual?  Whatever it is you want people to perceive your company, talk like that.  The sooner you can figure out who you are and how people respond to that, the easier it will be to attract the right people.  If you want to attract lawyers, doctors and bankers,  you probably should take a more professional approach to  your brand.

Stay the Course

One of the worst things that you can do with your content creation and social media is change your strategy too often.  If you are working on engaging a certain audience, come up with a plan to do so and stick with it for a while.  If it doesn’t work right away, don’t give up – stay the course.  Often times it takes a while for people to even realize that you are trying to get them to do something, or are talking to them.  Stick the course, give it a month or two, then re-evaluate.  Changing your strategy every week will confuse your fans and hurt your brand.

Post Regularly

Bottom line, if you aren’t posting regularly, you have zero chance to reach your target audience.  Spend at least 15 minutes twice a day simply posting content and responding to anyone who is trying to engage with you.  Do this as many days a week as you can.  Without this, you have no chance of building your brand and telling the story of your business.

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