Start Using Videos for Content!

Jul 2012


Start a YouTube channel for your business so you can store your videos there.

Neilsen recently reported that 37% of consumers watch web content every single day.  People love videos. Take cats for example: How many hours have you wasted watching videos of adorable kittens doing absolutely nothing? It’s okay, we do it too!

The point I’m trying to make is that videos make great content for social media because they are visual and engaging. Imagine scrolling through your newsfeed: What pops up at you? Definitely not that status update with a paragraph of text, but more likely a video or a photo, right? Here are a couple of tips to help you get started on creating video content for your social media.

  1. Start a YouTube channel: If you haven’t already, create a YouTube channel (one for your business, not your personal account). Customize it, fill out all of the information, make it look nice, etc. This will act as a hub for your video storage. Yes, you can upload videos to Facebook too, but keeping your videos all on YouTube makes them easily accessible to the public. Not to mention, YouTube has more SEO capabilities than Facebook.
  2. Use your own resources: You don’t need a fancy HD camera to make videos! Use a point and shoot, your cell phone camera, or even your computer webcam, and start rolling! Remember, no one really cares about the quality of your video—it’s the content that counts.
  3. Make a list of video topics: Come up with a list of questions pertaining to your business or industry that people most commonly ask. Each question will act as your theme for each video clip.
  4. Keep video clips short: Keep each clip to :30-:90 max. Nowadays, our attention spans rival that of goldfish, so you want to make your videos easily digestible so that people can watch them quickly, absorb your information, and move on with their day.
  5. Title and tag your videos: Like I mentioned before, videos on YouTube have big SEO potential. Take some time to edit your videos and title and tag them correctly. This will strengthen your video in YouTube searches and will also make them look more professional.Are you using videos as content for your social media yet?
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