Find Your Influencer! Here’s How To Choose The Right Influencers For Your Brand

May 2017

Find Your InfluencerIn today’s world, it seems some influencers have the golden touch! The latest trend in online advertising is social media influencers, which are popular social media socialites that have a devoted following and fan base. These influencers offer their opinions and insights, shaping buyers’ minds.

With the rise of the influencers, comes the switch in social media marketing for businesses. Brands can now serve up their products or content using a real life test subject in front of tens of thousands. Here’s how to find the perfect social influencer for your brand!

Check Out Their Engagement

Most of us are numbers people. The higher the follower count – the better the influencer, right? Well, this isn’t always the case. As the influencer space widens, so does the use of robots to grow an artificial following. Research the influencer’s social channels to see the types of comments and responses he or she gets! The more genuine the fan base; the better ROI you can get from a sponsored post.

The ideal influencer that will make the most impact for your brand will have a high quantity of followers that are active and engaged. So scrutinize those accounts!

Measure Their Relevancy

Now that you’ve done your research on your influencer’s audience make sure he or she is relevant to your market! Take a good look at your target audience to make sure your product or content is being seen in front of the right people.

If you’re looking to sell beauty products, check out relevant beauty bloggers. If you’re in the sports field, find individuals that are making an impact in the fitness spectrum. Whatever your industry may be, there’s sure to be influencers taking over the realm!

See How Often They Post 

Something else to keep in mind when selecting an influencer is how frequent he or she posts on social media. There are tons of influencers with big names, huge follower counts, and limited posts! You want to find someone that posts frequently and is very active online. This leads to higher engagement from their audience and more trust that they will abide by any contracts in place.

Trust Your Gut!

At the end of the day, you have the control over which influencers you choose to collaborate with. If the relationship is rocky or there are any hiccups with posting your content, be aware of the signs that it may not be the best fit. The most successful partnerships between influencers and brands come from honest and open relationships.

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