Which Social Media Platforms are IN Right Now?

Facebook celebrates its 15th birthday and braces for its biggest challenges, Twitter releases never before seen information to the public, and Instagram and Netflix are teaming up to create a new user experience. These are some of the trending stories in social media this week.


Netflix and chill? How about Netflix and Share.

There are few things we can all agree on – and one of them is a mutual love for Netflix. Instagram has been working to create a more personal user experience through the expression of Instagram Stories, from unique texts and drawing tools to adding tools with gifs, voting, questions, and music. Instagram has done it again with the newest ability to share your show from the Netflix app to your Instagram story! For businesses, this capability can help you show the human side of your company and jump in on the buzz. For example, if you are a realtor, how great would it be to share that your company is watching “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” as you prepare for open houses? To learn how to use this feature, check out this tutorial from Planoly.


Twitter’s Strategy Proves to be its Saving Grace

For years, Twitter showed growth and success but seemed to be quickly overshadowed by the creative outlets given by other platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, and of course for the dominating platform: Facebook. On February 7th, Twitter released its daily active users number for the first time. Why? To prove that their 2018 strategy is paying off and that Twitter is not left in the dust. Chief executive, Jack Dorsey, says their 2018 strategy included “promoting healthy conversation on the platform, making it easier for users to participate in conversations, improving the platform for advertisers, and focusing on new technology to improve the service.” Although Twitter’s 126 million daily users tread behind Facebook’s 1.2 Billion, since implementing the strategy, Twitter has seen a 9% increase in daily active users, compared to last year. The takeaway: Twitter is NOT dead, and a huge comeback may be on the horizon.


Facebook is Now Halfway Through its Teen Years

February 4th was a big day for Facebook as the world’s largest platform celebrated 15-years of revolutionizing social media and society as we know it. In a way, it feels like Facebook should be much older because of the way it dominates so many factors of everyday life: from finding a job, to dating, to organizing class reunions to getting your daily fill of the news (and the news you don’t care about from that girl in high school who you have NOTHING in common with but can’t look away from the interesting drama!) After all these years, Facebook still reigns as king in number of users. 15 will definitely be an interesting year for Facebook, and we will be watching and reporting here.

Did you know Facebook apps are used by roughly one-third of everyone on Earth?

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