Where Do Hashtags Belong On Social Media?

Many underestimate the power of the #hashtag. 


Social media users use hashtags to either discover new content from like-minded people or to have their own content more discoverable. 

For businesses, hashtags can get you in front of the right audience, increase your engagement, and build your brand as a leader in your industry. 

However, the best way to use hashtags can differ on each social media platform. 


Mastering the art of hashtags starts with knowing which channels to use them on. 



If you’re a big advocate for hashtags, then Instagram is the place to be. This channel is incredibly useful for businesses who want to leverage hashtags because most Instagram users are actively utilizing this feature. Users also have the benefit of following hashtags on Instagram. When you use hashtags on posts, your photos will go into their respective tagged “bucket” that can be found by anyone. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags on each post, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to use the maximum amount every time. Instead of tossing a bunch of hashtags on your posts, your business will need to use them strategically.



The fast-paced environment of Twitter thrives off of hashtags. As the creator of this popular feature, Twitter users often apply hashtags to their tweets to categorize their conversations based on topic, an event, or even a social movement. Including appropriate hashtags in your marketing strategy on Twitter is a must-do for businesses. The nature of Twitter allows for a maximum of 280 characters, which forces you to arrange an engaging caption and hashtags carefully. A small number of effective hashtags are best. If your business attends trade shows, you will want to use and follow specific hashtags connected with those shows.



Hashtags are a more recent feature for LinkedIn. Similar to Instagram and Twitter, users can  search for different keywords using hashtags. This gives your business a greater chance of being discovered organically from your posts. It’s important to note that because LinkedIn is a professional online space; it is wise to minimize the number of hashtags you use on each post. There is no room to play around with silly hashtag use. 



While Facebook may be the biggest social network, it is definitely not the most popular for including hashtags in posts. In fact, when BuzzSumo completed a study involving one billion posts, they came to the conclusion that posts with hashtags actually performed worse than posts without. Facebook users are mostly spending their time scrolling through their feed, not searching relevant hashtags. 


In order to transform your content from good to great, you’ll need to create a strategy for implementing hashtags. These simple and effective links create a perfect opportunity to boost your brand’s online presence. 



125 million hashtags were shared every day in 2018.

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