Here Today, Gone Tomorrow | Social Media Help Desk Episode 77

Oct 2019

It’s the case of the missing following feed. 


No, you weren’t the only one to notice that earlier this week, Instagram removed the Following Activity tab without warning, changing the way we “Instagram stalk” forever. This week on the Social Media Help Desk, we’re discussing the sudden change to Instagram along with the week’s trending topics followed by our conversation topics – “which social media channels should my business be on” and “how to create landing pages for ad campaigns?”


Will you miss Instagram’s Following Feed? We’re discussing Instagram’s decision to remove the tab on which you could monitor what your friends, followers, and even competitors were doing on the app. As Facebook and Instagram continue to put an emphasis on privacy, it’s not a surprise, this is the element Instagram decided to remove. 


Next, we’re breaking down our thoughts on Tik Tok’s controversial advertising techniques. The brand has recently come under fire for their use of their content creator’s videos in advertisements. The panel is discussing the dangers of sharing some of your content on social media and why they think the brand might be risking their relationships with their users. 


We’re wrapping up our news topics with talk about a Gen Z study claiming teens are spending more time watching YouTube than Netflix. What does this mean for the future of advertising and media? 


Olivia and Ivana are sending us off with their thoughts on the best channels for specific businesses and industries and landing page creation for advertising campaigns. When running campaigns, follow these tips for creating your site’s web pages to convert better and tell your story. 


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