What You Should Do Daily, Weekly, and Monthly for Your Social Media Channels


With your busy schedule and all of the different social media channels to manage, it can be challenging to keep up with your social media presence. Running successful social media channels for your business takes time and dedication, but it does not have to be an around the clock job. Setting up a schedule with the tasks that need to be accomplished daily, weekly, and monthly for your social media channels will help you balance the workload and cover your bases.


You should be interacting on all of your social media channels every day. Split up the time and check in once in the morning and once in the afternoon to make sure everything is running smoothly. During this time, post your content and respond to any comments or questions. After you are finished interacting with your followers, spend a few minutes interacting with the people you follow. Don’t be afraid to like, comment, and share the interesting content you see. Checking in twice a day Monday through Friday will keep your channels current and growing. If you can steal away a few minutes on the weekend to interact, that helps too.


There are some tasks that require more attention and time, but only need to be focused on once a week. Choose one day where you have time to sit down and create content. Create a weekly plan for all of your social media channels and have the content planned out and ready to post for the week ahead. This will make posting every day easier and less time consuming. You will want to dedicate some time to focus on growing your channels. Search for hashtags that are popular and relevant to your business and use them in your future posts. Make sure you find followers that fit your target audience and to unfollow accounts that you do not often interact with or no longer fit your preferred audience.


Once a month it is important to spend time looking at the analytics for each of your channels. This will provide you with more insight and help you reshape your goals for the next month. Take a look at the number of followers you have compared to the previous month. Is the content you are posting working to further your channel? Are your followers engaged and interacting with your posts? Use these numbers to determine how successful your channels have been and what changes you need to make to your accounts. Track your progress and adjust your goals from there.

Managing multiple social media channels can sometimes be stressful and confusing, but it is important for the growth of your company to have an online presence. If you are considering handing off the responsibly, outsourcing may be a good idea. See if it is the right choice for your company here.


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