Instagram Update Round Up

Aug 2016

Instagram Update Round Up

The future is here, and Instagram is doing its best at “keeping up with the Joneses” with new and exciting features rolled out in its most recent update! Frequent updates are key for growing social media platforms to keep audiences engaged and keep up with what other channels are offering. These changes are exciting, but navigating the new features can be frustrating for some. To stay up to date with some of the newest trends, check out the three things you should know about Instagram’s new update.

Introducing Instagram LIVE

Across all social media platforms, live video is currently one of the biggest and most popular trends. This interactive form of video streaming will soon be offered on Instagram. Located at the top of the app where account stories are organized is where you will find any of your connections LIVE stories being broadcast. Looking to go live yourself? Just swipe left and select “start live video.” Your followers will receive a notification that you are live and your stream will be available for any of your followers to tune in to.

Here Today…Gone Tomorrow Direct Messages

Taking a page out of Snapchat’s book, Instagram has created a space within its’ app to send and receive photos and video that disappear immediately after viewing. Instagram describes this new feature as a “spontaneous, pressure-free way” to interact “so you can feel more comfortable sharing anything, anytime.” Swipe left to bring up the application’s camera, then snap a photo and select which of your followers you would like to message. Utilize Instagram’s filters and colorful text options to mix up your shots. Instagram’s direct message feature has also been updated and is now more convenient and user-friendly. Just touch the paper airplane icon below any photo to send directly to a friend.

Boomerang – Here to Stay

Boomerang, the popular third-party app that allows you to turn still images into a GIF-like video on loop, is now an embedded feature within the Instagram app. Creating these short videos will now be easier than ever, allowing you to create the loops without ever having to leave Instagram. Creating these short videos will now be easier than ever, allowing you to create the loops without ever having to leave Instagram. Click To Tweet Instagram strives to make features like Boomerang more convenient for the user, hoping to make Instagram user’s first choice for photo sharing applications.

Instagram’s update pushes people to use the app for more than just photo sharing capabilities. These new features encourage more social sharing and engaged interaction from users. Looking to keep up with all of the latest social media news? Check out our In the News blog with new updates each week here!

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