What Type Of Google+ Business Page Should You Create?

PC: jesmarkbenedicto
PC: jesmarkbenedicto

When you decide to create a Google+ business page, you’ll be asked to choose a business type: storefront, service area or brand. Setting up the correct type of Google+ business page is important because of the different options each page type offers. But how do you know which type of Google+ business page is right for you?

We’ve broken down the three types of pages and when it is appropriate to select each one when creating a Google+ business page for your company.



Select a storefront Google+ business page for your business if you have a location customers can visit. This is ideal for brick-and-mortar businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and more. When signing up, you’ll be asked to enter your business address. If you have more than one location, don’t worry about having to choose just one. You can create multiple business pages for your other storefront locations.

Service Area

Just like the storefront option, a service area Google+ business page requires your business to have a physical location. However, service area business pages work best for companies that operate within a specific area and serve clients at their clients’ locations, not their own. A food delivery service, taxi service, or an HVAC company are all great examples of service area businesses. If your company will physically go to your customers, this is the option for you. It also works well if you want to target a list of cities or a county since you can manually type in the areas you serve or designate a mileage radius of where you’ll travel for business.


If your business does not have a physical location, choose the brand option. This is ideal for e-commerce stores or organizations that don’t have a business address, but still want to be able to network and interact with their clients. Product lines, sports teams, music bands, or causes are examples of brand pages suggested by Google. To sign up as a brand, you’ll need to identify yourself as an entertainment, community, or product or brand page and have a website URL.


By understanding which Google+ business page type is best for your business, you can market yourself correctly to both your customers and Google’s search engine. This will help you solidify your brand image and connect with more clients.


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