What Happens When I Block Someone On Social Media?

What Happens When I Block Someone On Social Media?Social media is an incredible tool to connect with family, friends, consumers, and businesses. But just like real life, you might come across someone you’d prefer not to engage with. Whether it’s an Internet troll, spam account, or simply someone that gets under your skin, you might one day find yourself reaching for the block button. But what really happens once you’ve pressed that button? Each platform has a slightly different concoction of options to let you digitally delete someone from your life, so to save you the confusion, we’re breaking down what it means to be blocked on three of the most popular channels.


Blocked Facebook users won’t be able to find you in searches, view your timeline, or contact you with pokes or personal messages. In addition, they will not be able to see your timeline posts, comments on mutual friends’ timelines, or that you are a member of the same group as them.

And while Facebook blocking allows you to prevent most interactions with someone, there are still instances in which your account may be seen. If a blocked user searches for you in Google, your account may appear in the results – however, once they click through to your profile, they will receive a “Page Not Available” message from Facebook. Keep in mind, this only works if the user is signed into Facebook. If they click on the Google link when signed out of Facebook, they will be able to see as much of your account as your privacy setting allows.


When you block someone on Instagram, that user will be removed as your follower and won’t be able to find your profile, posts, or story. Although they will still be able to mention your username, this mention will not appear in your notifications. Blocking someone will make you near invisible to this user…with one exception. Blocked users can still see your likes and comments on their own posts, posts shared by public accounts or accounts they follow.

Users will not be notified when you block them. If you are the blocker (not the blockee), you can still search and find the Instagram profile you blocked. If that account is public, you’ll even be able to view their posts. However, you won’t be able to like or comment on anything.


With one click of Twitter’s block button, you can prevent a user from having your tweets appear in their personal timeline of tweets. They won’t be able to reply to your tweets, send you messages, and any mentions they make using your handle will not show up in your mentions tab. However, blocked users can still read your tweets. While the people you block won’t have your tweets show up in their timelines, the only way to stop them from seeing your tweets entirely is to make your account Private.

Did you know? Blocked Twitter users can still read your tweets if your profile isn't private. Click To Tweet

If you block a user that is following you, that person will not get notified you blocked them – at least not right away. If they click on your profile, notice they are no longer following you, and try to follow you again, they will receive a notification telling them they have been blocked.

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