Utilizing Your Brand’s Reviews

A happy consumer that shares their experience with your brand is the best social proof your brand could ask for. Reviews can make or break your credibility, so knowing how to utilize them is important.


Consumers are more inclined to trust each other’s opinions before even knowing your brand’s selling points. It is important to take advantage of your reviews on social media and know how to network with your audience through them.


While so many consumers rely on reviews before making a purchase, it is crucial to understand how to use these reviews to your advantage on social media.


How taking advantage of reviews can be a beneficial marketing tool for your brand:


Builds Reputation

When most consumers are looking into a business for the first time, they often refer to their reviews to get a genuine understanding of what they are like. Online, what your audience says about you defines who you are. Reviews are an extremely valuable and quick way to build your brand’s reputation.


Don’t limit your reviews to just being seen on the platforms they were posted on. By posting your reviews on your website or on channels such as Facebook, you are expanding your audience of viewers. When your audience sees what a happy customer had to say about your brand, they are more willing to trust your business. Give your audience real examples of what it is like to work with your brand by showing them who you are through the eyes of your audience.


Strengthens Relationships

In order to build a relationship with your audience, you must engage and interact with them. Networking online builds trust between your brand and your consumers. Convey to your audience that your brand cares about its audience by being responsive to reviews.


Regardless if your review is negative or positive, it is crucial to reply! Thanking a consumer for their positive review will validate that your brand appreciates their business. Negative reviews should be addressed appropriately, showing that your brand cares about the concerns of their audience and will take them under consideration to improve. Being responsive to your audience is an important element of your brand’s success and loyalty. Consumers need to know that they are beneficial to your brand in order to grow loyalty.


Creates Content

The best content you can post for your audience is the type they have made themselves. User generated content is real photos from your audience that tell your brand’s story for you. A great place to look for these photos is in your reviews. Most people who have submitted a picture along with their review put much thought into their post and want others to see their experience.


Your content should capture what it is like for a customer to experience your brand. Photos from reviews do just that. When posting your audience’s photos, be sure to always credit their content by tagging them and thanking them for the photo. Showing your appreciation will show your audience that you value them as a customer.


Whether it is reviews, recommendations, or insightful blogs; consumers care about the opinions of the people they trust. In fact, 61% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.  



How well does your website tell your story?

Today’s consumers expect to have a flawless experience on the Internet. They want to shift seamlessly from their mobile devices to their laptops without ever missing a beat.  Your website must be ready.

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