Tips to Improve your Twitter Marketing

 Twitter is one of the most prolific social media channels, which can often make business owners feel overwhelmed by the amount of management and content necessary to sustain it. However, what’s important to remember about Twitter is that it’s not always about quantity, but quality. Taking the steps to make your tweets as attention-grabbing and buzz-building as possible will have a dramatic impact on the amount of people you reach, as well as how many of those people actively engage with your content. To take your Twitter account from good to great, we’ve got three tips to improve your Twitter marketing.

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Use the Right Hashtags

 The best way to describe hashtags and their function is to think of each individual hashtag as a bucket in which every tweet containing that hashtag gets sorted. This tactic makes it easier for the average user to find your content based on topic, but only if your hashtags are relatively mainstream. When hashtags are too unique or niche, it’s unlikely that someone searching will find your tweets. There are ways to search for the most popular tweets; one popular and effective tool is Hashtagify, which lets you search for a hashtag, then finds all related hashtags by popularity.

Add Images

It’s no wonder that tweets with images included perform better than their standard counterparts, but did you know that they get up to 18% more link clicks on average? This is a huge statistic when it comes to most small business’s ultimate goal for their social media channels: driving website traffic. A simple Google search will help you find quality images, or for more branded content, you can use the images displayed on your website

Pro Tip: Images generally consume around 20 characters on average, leaving you less space for text, so keep it brief and attention-grabbing!

Tweet at Peak Hours

Don’t waste time tweeting if your audience isn’t looking. Because of the immediacy of Twitter, it’s important to recognize what the peak hours are for your followers, otherwise even the most carefully crafted tweets that would otherwise go viral may not receive the attention they deserve. To find that time frame sweet spot, you can use a tool called Tweriod. Simply sign in to your Twitter account, then head to Tweriod and hit the My Analysis button. This will give you a breakdown of the peak times your audience is tweeting.

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