These New Updates Will Have You Laughing, Rolling your Eyes, and Singing

Instagram has been very active with its updates, constantly adding new stickers and ways to engage within the app. This week the visual loving app gives Tik-Tok a one-up, reveals how well they know us (creepy), and sticks up for the influencers. Here are the social media headlines this week.


Ready or Not, Here Come the Influencers


It doesn’t really matter if you do or don’t follow influencers – you’re going to be seeing a lot more of them in your feed from here on out. Why? (insert eye roll) Two words: branded content. Previously your feed was solely for the people and hashtags you followed, and the ability to find new accounts was in the “Explore” tab. With the newest update, Instagram will not only improve your explore tab but will force users taking advantage of the branded content features to appear in your feed – even if you’re not following those people. This recent update allows influencers to tag products in the photos, and another recent update allows users to shop within the Instagram platform. The result is a perfect storm for Instagram making money. Credit card number, please.


How Well does Instagram Know You?


Have you ever opened the explore tab to see a collection of content similar to what interests you? If you like Target, Target influencer may pop up. Soccer fans will see soccer content. But from time-to-time, you may run into content that has nothing to do with you. Although this concept of gathering data is not new, a user recently spotted how to find what Instagram thinks your interests are… and it is hilarious! Some users are opening up their interest to see a few things they agree with – but many are looking at the list and laughing at the goofed and inaccurate interests listed in their supposed “interests.”


Want to see it for yourself? Here’s how:

Settings > Security > Access Data > Ads


The End of Tik-Tok


While Tik-Tok is known for being the place to make your own music videos, Instagram is also a place where you can add music to your stories. In typical Instagram fashion, they thought of something Tik-Tok overlooked: captioned lyrics. With so many Instagram stories being watched at work, on the train, or in school (yes, we know you do that students!) the need for captions only makes sense! This also gives artists a leg up with promoting new music releases on the app, and the ability to even animate the copy makes it another engaging and fun way to use Instagram!


Did you know 85% of Facebook videos are watched without the sound on?


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