The Starter Social Media Content Guide

Starting up social media channels for your business is the same, whether you are a well-established business or a startup.

A lot of times, brands will go for nothing but the sell. Social media is a relationship.  You can’t just push messages. You need to hear out your audience to have a successful social presence. 

Although you may be eager to jump in and start writing content, you first need to identify your brand’s personality and how you’d like to communicate with your followers.

You first need to know a little about your customers.

For this example, let’s just say you are working in the health industry.  Your target audience would be potential customers interested in your service or products that promote a healthy life. 

Perhaps your personality is fun and educational. It is important for your customers to know that you are reliable and that you know what you are doing. By establishing who you are, it not only creates consistency, but it also gives you direction when creating content to share with your followers. 

As you’ve no doubt heard, variety is the spice of life!

So, let’s spice things up on your social media.

Here are 10 types of content you can post:


  • Blogs

If you aren’t blogging – start!

Blogs drive traffic to your website, and they showcase your expertise.  Blogs can also sometimes solve the audience’s problems. When writing blogs, you want to provide valuable information that your audience may be looking for.  Sharing these blogs on social media drives audiences to your website.


  • Case Studies

How are you excelling in your industry?

Prospects like feeling confident about the companies they work with.  Sharing your victories with your audience reaffirms your knowledge and expertise in what you do.


  • Facts

No matter what industry you are in, statistics and facts can be a solid base for your argument about why your product or service is necessary.  

Why do you think so many people care about random stats with being struck by lightning?  You really don’t imagine that people are struck by lightning very often, but once you see some similar probabilities, it can be an eye-opening experience.

Facts educate.  If you sell coffee, don’t talk about your coffee, use third-party statistics talking about how coffee makes people nicer, happier, and friendlier!


  • Videos

Videos are the preferred method of social media platforms, and there’s a good reason for that.

Some people enjoy learning by watching. Since social media often viewed on the go, people can take their learning on the go.  Videos also offer you an opportunity to give an inside look at your company. Most people would like to see what goes on behind the scenes.


  • Infographics

Sometimes reading text-heavy content can be boring. However, with the use of infographics, you can teach and inform your audience with one informational picture. Tell a story in a graphic.  Infographics pack a powerful punch to the audience in a piece of content that’s easily consumable. 


  • Updates/Announcements/Inside News

Did you hire a new team member or promote someone within the company?

Sharing your company news with your audience makes them feel more connected than just using your product or service.


  • Testimonials/Reviews

You can post until the sun stops shining that you’re the greatest company ever, but your audience will believe outside customers who had a genuine experience well before they trust your word. Reviews and testimonials aren’t just celebrated by restaurants on Yelp.  Customer experiences can influence new customer behaviors. If you aren’t collecting reviews or testimonials, you should start!


  • Tips

What kind of information can you share that your audience may or may not have thought about but could help them? Share some tips that will remind your audience of what you do and what they can focus on for the day.


  • Holidays

Nowadays, there are so-called national holidays (at least in our world of social media) for almost everything from National Beer Day to National Black Dog Day. Find a holiday that correlates to your business and share how you are celebrating the big day. This could even work as a contest with your audience and a small prize.


  • News

Are there any current events in your industry at the moment? If you are a skincare company, and news comes out that a specific chemical is bad for your skin, you can announce that your products are free of that chemical.


63% of businesses don’t have an actual content strategy

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