The Psychology Of Color in Branding

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The majority of consumers are unaware of the amount of psychological theory behind the logos of the major brands they know and love. Any large, successful organization knows that choosing the correct colors for their brand is critical because colors send deep subliminal messages through association. Colors have the ability to evoke strong emotional reactions, so it’s important to consider how you want your audience to feel about your brand. Here are the most common associations for colors, and the impact they have on branding:


Red is associated with excitement, passion, stimulation, energy, and action. It is frequently used to encourage buyers to make impulsive decisions such as purchasing clearance items or acting quickly on a promotion. It’s a bold choice for branding and is sure to be an attention-getter. Red is commonly seen in retail environments.


Yellow is associated with optimism, intellect, creativity, joy, humor, and warmth. It’s an excellent choice for brands that have a sunny, cheerful personality and brands that want to emphasize their technical know-how. Yellow is most commonly seen in food and tech industries.


Blue conveys trust, security, peace, and wisdom. Blue has a calming effect and is a perfect choice for brands that seek to gain the confidence of consumers. Blue is frequently employed by banks, law firms, doctors, and large corporate entities. Blue is a classic, conservative choice that is appropriate for brands that aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel.


Green is typically associated with nature, wealth, health, and freshness. It is the easiest color for the human eye to see, so many stores use it in their decor to encourage relaxation. Green is frequently employed by food manufacturers, energy companies, and by brands that are geared towards promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Purple is associated with depth, compassion, wisdom, ingenuity, and unconventionality. Purple is an excellent choice for non-profits, toy companies, and the education sector. Purple is also associated with soothing and calming feelings, and it is frequently used in beauty or anti-aging products.


Pink is associated with femininity, romance, warmth, sensitivity, and nurturing. It is primarily used to market towards women, as well as products or services that are feminine in nature. Pink has a very specific demographic and should be used accordingly when it comes to branding.


Black is a very bold choice for branding. Black is associated with power, luxury, austerity, and prestige. It is frequently used in the branding of luxury goods and services such as fashion, the automobile industry, news sources, and giants of the tech industry. It is a perfect choice for companies that sell expensive products, as well as organizations that want to be perceived as an absolute authority in their field.

Choosing the correct color to send your desired message is one of many important factors in solidifying your brand identity. This information should help you carefully and deliberately craft your brand’s story through the power of color!

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