The Importance of Brand Voice On Social Media


Photo Credit: @garlicbreadmonarch
Photo Credit: @garlicbreadmonarch

When it comes to social media, what you say and how you say it matters. Your brand’s personality is largely determined by the words you use. Every time your company posts to Facebook, sends a Tweet, or otherwise communicates online, you are giving your audience a better opportunity to know your brand. It’s this voice that lends authenticity to your brand and creates a connection between company and consumer.

Humanize Your Brand

Creating a strong and consistent brand voice is key to building a relationship with your audience and plays an essential role in your overall social media strategy. It’s this voice that gives personality and character to your brand, humanizing your company and makes it possible for your brand to take part in conversations naturally. This is especially important with today’s consumers; these individuals don’t want brands talking at them as if they are dollar signs. They want authentic communication. They want to feel a connection. They value familiarity.

Speak Their Language

People are much more likely to buy a product and/or become a loyal follower when they feel they can relate to or share common values with a brand. When you establish a brand voice, it gives a face to your brand and makes it easier for consumers to connect with you. Remember, they look to your product or service to solve a problem or improve life. Be a trusty friend and connect with them on a level that they can feel comfortable with.

Stick with One Personality

If your brand voice differs across your social channels, you set up consumers for disappointment. Imagine meeting someone and immediately hitting it off. You have a great conversation, enjoy their playful and positive personality, and feel a genuine connection. But when you see them the next time, everything about them is different. Now they’re more serious, professional, and solemn. You’ve just left them confused and uninterested in pursuing that relationship further. It’s no different with your brand voice! Inconsistencies not only make it difficult for your audience to connect with your brand, but they also damage the trust you work so hard to build with your customers. Don’t harm your brand’s growth potential with an ineffective voice that varies wildly from channel to channel or day to day.

Establishing a brand voice that is both consistent and memorable will help you stand out among your competition. When you take the time to do so, you don’t just give your customers something to talk about; you give them someone to talk about.


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