Instagram Beefs Up Stories With Boomerang

Nov 2016

Instagram takes another step towards unseating Snapchat as the popular video-engaging site for quick content. Meanwhile, Pinterest is giving loyal users what they have been asking for, while YouTube is sharpening the content you see on the video king! These are the trending social media stories in the news this week!Instagram Beefs Up Stories With Boomerang

Pinterest Users Rejoice Over New Tried It Button

 Have you ever wanted to mark Pinterest pins with a “tried it”?   Well, now you can. Pinterest users will now be able to track and share the things they have experienced with a new “Tried It” Button.

Pinterest hopes the new feature will raise engagement among users, making it easier to share fun ideas.

The platform hopes the button will encourage users to try and purchase products already recommended by others within certain networks.

The latest rollout comes as no surprise, as Pinterest recently launched “Buy It” buttons making it easier to purchase products from within the app.

YouTube Goes Crystal Clear With HDR Update

 As video implementation continues to be all the rage across social media, YouTube is not taking a backseat with its latest implementation of HDR technology.

High Dynamic Range clips will make for a better viewing experience, allowing for more vivid colors and details as well as greater brightness levels between black and white.

Although the newest video capability will make for better video capture and display, users will still need access to a compatible screen on their end to fully enjoy the update.

Video creators will also need to be shooting footage using an HDR camera to achieve the desired effect.

Instagram Adds Boomerang, Mentions, and Links To Stories

After gaining nearly a half-billion users since its release, Instagram is now rolling out its biggest update yet, aimed at drawing in even more of competitor Snapchat’s demographic.

Instagram has incorporated popular platform Boomerang’s short looping videos, allowing users to share them on their Stories feed within the Instagram app itself.

In an effort to add even more engagement among users, Instagram will now allow for mentions when using text within Stories. If that wasn’t enough, verified accounts would also be able to add URLs to Story videos, such as recipes or news articles.

Will you be taking advantage of the new Stories feature?

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