The Benefits of Boosting Posts

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Boosting posts are like giving a tired car salesman an energy drink; they suddenly have the strength to engage with more potential customers than ever before. Now, I’m not suggesting you pour a full can of Red Bull on your computer but there are some serious benefits to investing a couple dollars in your content. Here’s why you should put some monetary pep in your posts.

More Eyeballs

Over the past few months, you’ve undoubtedly noticed your organic reach on Facebook take a tumble; this means fewer people are seeing your company’s content as they scroll through their news feed. The most popular social media platform has evolved into a “pay to play” system that rewards businesses that spend money on advertising by showing their posts to more people. Boosting a post is one of the easiest ways to ensure a particular piece of content is shown to more users.

Individualized Advertising

The same way you create custom audiences for Facebook “Like” ads and website traffic ads can be applied to boosted posts. Instead of clicking the blue “boost post” button on the bottom right corner of your content, create a unique audience in your Facebook ads manager by selecting the “Boost your posts” option under “objective for your campaign.”

Website Traffic

Now that users have physically seen your post, it’s time to encourage them to actually do something. I recommend including a link back to your website in these promoted posts whenever possible. These links not only give the curious customer a place to learn more information, it’s a great way to increase website traffic and promote brand awareness.

Budget Friendly

A television commercial typically costs thousands of dollars but a boosted post can be cheaper than the bulb in one of those studio lights. By just throwing a few bucks at a post you can increase engagement dramatically. Start small and test posts for five dollars, if it turns into an instant sensation you can always add to the budget.

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