Spoiler Alert! Everyone Can Write

I know this seems like a bold thing to state, but it’s true! We’re not saying that everyone has a natural-born talent for great storytelling and grammar. Creating engaging content, whether blogging or on social media channels, takes a ton of practice. However, if you want to improve your writing, there are steps you can take to make your way towards adding writing to your list of mastered skills. 

Read Great Writing

I’ll use the analogy of “you must learn to crawl before you can walk.” If you don’t read writing from good writers, you will be less likely to produce good writing. You can read books, magazines, news articles, or social media posts. The more variety, the better. You will learn about writing styles and different content and grammar rules. Reading great writing will help you develop a versatile voice that can communicate across all different channels. 

Write Often 

When we suggest to you to write often, we don’t mean spend a large chunk of time once a week with your eyes glued to a screen, typing away for five hours on a Saturday. Good writing is developed as a habit. It may be journaling once a day during a time you feel the most lively. It also could mean writing down interesting ideas you have that randomly spark throughout the day. Regardless of what method you decide works best for you, the trick to making writing a habit relies on your consistency. 

Tell The Truth

Good writers are credible writers. Your audience needs to trust you and your content. That means that it’s your responsibility to do your research and fact check information. If your content is factual, it gives you far more freedom to write creatively. 

Be Brave

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and experiment with your writing. Here at KWSM, we are constantly working with our content to find what is and isn’t engaging.  One thing you can do is share your writing with others and ask for feedback. It may be hard to hear constructive criticism from an experienced writer at first, but learning from others’ suggestions will help you improve your content. 

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