Social Media Trends To Look Out For in 2017

Social media is always evolving. Looking at popular platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and you’ll realize how everything from the setup to the possibilities within the app has changed. With 2016 almost behind us, we’ve come up with three social media trends your business should keep up with to be extra successful next year.

  1. Live Video

Video is an undeniable force across social media platforms currently. It is valued greatly on different social media channels and is often the content that is delivered first. With live video options on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook it is important that your business has a live video strategy on social media.

If your business has a Facebook page, it is time to come up with a strategy of how your business can incorporate Facebook Live. Is it possible to do an unboxing of your product or show different uses of it? A live video can be perfect for demonstrations of your company’s product.

If your business has a large following on Instagram, but no strategy for using Instagram Stories, it is important to use this feature while its popularity is growing. You can tag other users, show an inside look at your company, or even show clips of the production process.

  1. Messaging Apps and Customer Response

Customers on social media want answers, and they want answers fast. If your company is neglecting to respond promptly to users on social media, this must change. Social media is one of the most popular places people go to ask questions or read others’ feedback. If your business provides the right answers within the right timing, it’ll do wonders for growing your customer base.

Look out for messaging changes across all social media platforms, such as Facebook that just allowed video messaging on their app. On Instagram, look out for Message Requests that might be overlooked as they have to be accepted before they show up in your inbox.

  1. Evolving Platforms

It is obvious that social media platforms are changing all the time. It is important to keep up. It is important to be aware of how buyable pins exist on Pinterest and knowing how to publishing articles on LinkedIn. Social media platforms play a huge part of consumers’ lives and will continue to. Social media will only grow bigger as users come up with new types of content and distribute them in creative ways.

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