Social Media Content Strategies For Health And Wellness Companies

Photo credit: @bodysolidfit
Photo credit: @bodysolidfit

Summer is in full swing! The heat is up and for the health and wellness industry, so are online marketing efforts.

For many consumers, summer is a great time to recommit to fitness and wellness goals. Whether it is weight loss, dropping a bad habit, or working out more, social media channels are hot with the latest content on living well.

As a health and wellness company, now is the time to ramp up your content marketing efforts online. Here are three social media content strategies for health and wellness companies: 


Be Relatable

No one likes to be preached at about his or her health, wellness and appearance. As a company in this industry you run the risk of being too extreme or unapproachable. It’s important that your target audience is able to relate to your story. This will also help them build trust and confidence in your brand.

Show how healthy you are but also be human and show areas for improvement.  Our friends at Pure Helth manufacture liquid supplements, run a personal fitness and nutrition mobile app and provide custom corporate wellness programs.

As healthy as they are, Pure Helth is willing to share how they can improve and use humor to be relatable. Check out this post from their Instagram profile:

pure helth instagram
















Share Healthy How-Tos

The hardest part of a health and wellness journey for many of your fans will be learning how to adjust their lifestyle. Learning to eat healthy, exercise the right way, stress less and work smarter will be ongoing challenges as life gets in the way of progress.

As a health and wellness business leader, your social media channels can be a valuable resource for how to achieve lifestyle goals. Share healthy how-to videos, photos and short articles a couple of times per week. Vary the content to include different areas of living a healthy lifestyle from food to fitness. For example, Pilates instructor Casey Ho posts how-to videos of workouts on her Facebook page:


Casey Ho How To
















Celebrate Achievements

As a company, your journey and the journey of your team to optimal wellness is something to be proud of. Always celebrate your achievements on your social media channels. Your fans will be inspired by what you have accomplished and it will help foster credibility.

You also should celebrate the achievements of your clients. For example, if you are a fitness facility make sure to share client success stories regularly. People relate to the triumphs of other people on social media. Our friends at SoCal Boot Camp share before and after photos on their Facebook page to celebrate their member’s achievements. Check out this success story from their page:

So Cal Boot Camp










Health and wellness companies have the advantage of being brands on social media that anyone can relate to. As we all strive to live, look and feel better knowing a company is cheering us on and that we belong to their community is key. If you position yourself as a relatable and supportive company that provides good resources for reaching health and wellness goals, you will engage your current fans and attract new fans.

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  1. Kiera DesChamps

    Thank you for the tips on building a Fan Page and how to promote my health coaching business. I have been working on building my brand, developing my website, and image to reach more people. These tips are wonderful. I wish I lived closer to attend some of Katie’s boot camps. Katie and I went through life coach certification training together. I love how much she has grown her business.

    • Charla Batey

      Kiera you are very welcome! We hope your social media and website efforts are working for your health coaching business. We would love to have you in a bootcamp someday. Take care!

  2. Katie Wagner

    Hi Coach Kiera!
    I love watching you get more active on social media. 🙂
    Glad the KWSM Team can produce meaningful content – it’s important to us!
    I hope you are well. Let’s catch up soon!