Social Media Algorithms: How To Stand Out

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Remember the pre-algorithm days, when you could rest assured your social posts were finding a home within your followers’ newsfeeds? Those were the good old days. Since Facebook and Instagram introduced algorithms, businesses have seen a bigger challenge hitting their target audience. But rather than allowing this algorithmic landscape to send you into a full-fledged social media panic attack, brands need to take a more chameleon approach – it’s time to adapt!

Quality Trumps Everything

The first step of adapting to algorithms is to understand what they are intended to do; ensure the delivery of quality and relevant content to users. Platforms implemented algorithms to reward those who take the time to create content that they tailored to their audience. It holds brands accountable, but the power is still in our hands. If you need to post less frequently in order to post better, do it! It is better to share a great post that resonates with and engages your audience once a day than to share five sub-par posts that your audience considers superfluous. Rather than looking at the algorithmic glass half empty, take a more positive approach – social media algorithms make your content smarter and thus, your brand stronger.

Know Your Audience

Take the time to understand your audience, and we mean really get to know them. Staying relevant is all about a true understanding of who your audience is. Find out what your audience is interested in, who they are influenced by, how they interact with others, etc. The better you know your audience, the better equipped you are to create content that fits seamlessly into what your audience is already engaging with. A well-understood audience can be used as a cheat sheet for quality content creation.

Refocus Your Efforts

Social media was not created as a tool to find the latest and greatest new product (although it can be effective at doing so). These platforms were created with one primary purpose; to give users a platform that connects people, fosters engagement, and builds community. Refocus your efforts on community development. Engage with your audience. Provide value. Answer questions. Offer encouragement. Build relationships. Through engagement, you give users the opportunity to know you, like you, and ultimately, trust you. This authentic relationship is key to winning over these social algorithms.

Social media isn’t going to stop throwing curve balls at us anytime soon. So rise to the challenge! Be open to change, continuously tweak your strategies, and prioritize awesome content creation. It’s that simple!

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