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Dubbed “the front page of the internet,” Reddit is a buffet of information, ready for consumption. The forum-based social network allows users to discuss and vote on all kinds of content submitted by other users – it’s essentially the comments section to every corner of the Internet. It’s a community controlled entirely by its users, constantly being updated by Redditors with the most popular content across the web. With 234 million unique users and ranked as the fourth most visited website in the US and ninth in the world, it’s a powerful social tool. So why aren’t more brands using it? Well, it can be a tricky beast to tango with…

Reddit’s front page looks like a website straight out of the 90s, and with the amount of phrases and acronyms being thrown around, it can feel like you’ve arrived in a foreign country. Not to mention, because its users control its content, they aren’t likely to upvote self-promotional or overtly sales-y posts. However, there are brands that have been savvy enough to succeed without inciting the Redditor wrath. How did they do it and how can other brands use it to get noticed? By giving audiences quality content that they want to engage with.

Lurk Before You Leap

It’s okay to watch and observe more than you engage on Reddit. In fact, this is a great way to keep track of current trends and source content that might work on your other social channels. Plus, the more you passively participate, the more you’ll start to understand “Reddiquette” and how users interact on the platform.

Utilize the Power of the Interview

Reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) feature might be a good option if you have a well-known figurehead. While opening yourself or your company up to questions from the Internet can be risky, it also shows you value transparency and are willing to confront sensitive topics directly – which goes a long way in the eye of the public. Some successful AMAs have included Jeremy Stoppleman from Yelp, the cast of Breaking Bad, and even President Obama!

Think Like an Individual

Redditors respond better to individuals than they do brands – it feels less promotional and more genuine. But that doesn’t mean you can’t leverage the content in your brand’s favor. Take, for example, Nissan. Two team members from the company took to Reddit, starting a thread asking users what they most wanted delivered by Amazon. Nissan responded by actually delivering on these requests, causing the campaign to go viral. The campaign – a promo for the Versa Note – reached its peak when it shared a video of the car being delivered to one user’s house in a giant Amazon box.

Remember: Reddit is not a platform for shouting your message at fans. Click To Tweet

We know Reddit can be overwhelming, but just like anything else, practice makes perfect. Just remember: this is not a platform for shouting your message at fans. Marketing on Reddit requires tactful tiptoeing – but if you can figure out a way to connect with the audience, it could be a serious game changer for your brand.


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