The Value of Your Facebook Fans To Your Business

Nov 2017

You may not know it, but you could be sitting on a gold mine for social media marketing opportunities; a tool you can use not only to reach more people who know about your business, but also strangers who match your current customer demographics. What is this treasure trove? It’s nothing more than your Facebook fan base. The fans you’ve collected over the years are useful for more than just your daily Facebook post. They offer tremendous value and you should appreciate them. Here’s why:


The Boosted Post

Did you know all of your Facebook fans don’t see every post you publish? With Facebook’s current algorithm, Facebook serves people approximately 3% of all content they could see. This includes friends, groups, and posts from other company pages they follow. To get in front of more fans, you can utilize Facebook’s boosted post feature. This advertising element lets you reach more fans for as little as $1 a day. With a boosted post, you can pay to reach more of your fan base, or, use Facebook’s targeting tool to get out in front of the “friends of fans” who follow your page. This will show your posts to a warmer audience who will see that one or more of their Facebook friends follow your page, making them more inclined to also follow your account or learn more about your business.



Facebook’s lookalike targeting feature lets you create an audience based on the purchasing habits or interests of a specific group. You can use this feature to create a lookalike audience for your Facebook fans. Your ad campaign will reach more likeminded individuals who fit the demographic of your already engaged Facebook audience. The lookalike audience takes the guessing out of targeting and simplifies the targeting process until you can reach more people and expand your business.


Target & Remarket

Have you ever clicked a link and then minutes later received an ad marketing that product or service? This is called remarketing, and you too can use this tool to advertise for your company. Facebook’s newest feature lets you collect data about your Facebook audience, then remarket to those users who have already expressed interest in your product. First, run an engagement ad showing off your product or service. Facebook will collect the data from the users who like, comment, or share the post. Then, you can remarket to those users who previously interacted with the post. This creates “hot” leads for you company and can increase the conversion rate from your ads and social media marketing efforts.


Facebook fans are more than just for show. Your fans expand your targeting opportunities and help you reach the right people for your business. KWSM specializes in social media advertising and can help you execute your social media-marketing plan. For more information about our services, visit our website here.



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