Perfecting Your #Hashtags

From Twitter to Instagram, hashtags are an essential part of building your social media presence and getting visibility in a whirlwind of posts.

Hashtags not only help drive new users to your content but can also engage your current following. Here are four tips to finding those perfect hashtags to draw in an audience and keep your business relevant.

Research, research, research!

To stand out from the crowd, doing your hashtag research is perhaps the most important. A big mistake some businesses make is sticking with only the generic, popular hashtags. The tag #sunset may be trending with over a million posts, but will you get visibility?

To get more long-term results, find hashtags that are unique to your business, your target consumer, and your industry.

Before you post with a new hashtag, look it up on Instagram or Twitter and see what kind of posts show up! Is your content relevant to what you see?

Make Your Brand a Hashtag

Brand hashtags are tags that you make specifically for your business. A good practice when creating this is to use your company name or tagline.

Make your brand hashtag short and memorable. Our goal here is to encourage your customers or clients to post using this hashtag; so they need to be able to spell it!

Start a Buzz

Hashtags can create discussion and get people talking through your social channels. One of the best things you can do when creating a hashtag is to ask your audience to share it.

Once you start seeing your hashtag in various posts, engage! Comment on the posts and keep the audience interested in your business to post more.

Know What Works And What Doesn’t

 Whether you’re posting with your tried and true hashtags or testing out new ones, keep track of what’s working! Analyzing and measuring the success (or failures) of your hashtags is pivotal for any future posts you do.

Finding hashtags for your brand can be a hit or miss at times, but it’s what will bring more followers to your page in the long run.

Now that you know all about hashtags, learn more on how to boost your Instagram!


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