Making Your Old Blogs New Again For Every Social Channel

Hopefully, you realize how important blogs are to keeping your site ranking high in searches. Blog help keep your content fresh and educates the visitors to your site. A consistent blog is one of the strongest tools you can have, but sometimes keeping up with the demand can be a steep hill to climb. Missing one week out of 50 might be ok, but if you’re finding that you’re struggling to keep to a weekly schedule, it might be time to look at repurposing some of your older blogs and making them into powerhouse content that you can use today and moving forward.


It’s Time To Start A Spinoff


Blog posts aren’t limited to a 500-word story with an image. That might help with SEO, but sometimes it’s better to take that content and turn it into something different. Try taking your blog, pull out the most important facts and statistics, and make those into a slideshow that fits both on your blog and your social media channels. Find a podcast (or better yet, make one) that speaks about the subject and embed it in the blog. Make it an infographic. There are countless options that will make the content fresh, and help convey your message in a different way.


Make Evergreen Content Green Again


Evergreen content, while always relevant, can also get boring, quickly. Make sure you’re keeping your content fresh by adding new graphics, statistics, updated data, or make it apply to current events. You can also think about updating the links within the text. Check to make sure they are all still active, and relevant. You can even use the graphics and new data for their own posts across your social channels.


Make A Series


No matter what industry you’re in, there will always be changes. What does your audience need? What will help them see you as a source of information? Look at the needs of your audience, and make a blog series. Create blogs that lead into each other and inform each other. You’ll gain more backlinks, and you’ll essentially be creating enough for an e-book that you can publish, as it’s own piece of content. Make sure to tease what blog you’ll be doing next, and use your lead paragraph to link back to the previous piece.


Simply adding new images and creating a visual palate can take your old, text-heavy content and make it exciting again. A large chunk of your audience will be scanning your blog, which makes it even more important to make sure that all of your old and new content create an experience that will cater to every reader.


43% of people admit to skimming blog posts, so it’s important to have visual content like videos to keep their attention.

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