LinkedIn Cashes In On Video Creation Via Mobile App

Lights! Camera! Action!

LinkedIn Cashes In On Video Creation Via Mobile App
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LinkedIn is taking its promise to improve user experience one step further with a new video creation tool within its mobile app.

Meanwhile, Instagram has announced a major update to the way users leave comments, and Facebook is giving advertisers the power to promote their content via a new in-stream option in this week’s social media trends!


Threaded Messages Coming To A Feed Near You

 There’s nothing worse than trying to tag your friends back and forth on the top trending Game Of Throne’s meme on Instagram only to lose your comments underneath the thousands of other GOT fanatics.

Thankfully, Instagram has announced a new fix that will solve all your problems: Threaded Messaging!

Yes, you read that right. Instagram will now be rolling out threaded messages to everyone’s accounts on both iOS and Android.

The best part is the new feature is easy to use and requires little effort to keep message threads organized and clutter-free.

All users have to do is hit “Reply” on a comment to start a nested thread, staggering comments in order of delivery to the right of the original comment. Genius!


Facebook Rolls Out In-Stream Ads For Advertisers

 Facebook is promising to put advertisers’ content in the right hands thanks to a new in-stream ads feature.

The new ad option will give advertisers and digital marketers the ability to run their spots directly within videos being watched by users across the platform, acting as a short commercial break that cannot be bypassed.

Additionally, the social media giant will be releasing a new “Watch” tab, an initiative that will feature new content that advertisers can use to their advantage via in-stream and Audience Network ads.


LinkedIn Releases Video Creation Via Mobile

There is no doubt that video is one of the best ways to tell your brand’s story on social media.

After a slow start in the social media video race, LinkedIn is taking its first crucial steps toward a better video experience for its users.

The professional networking platform has announced that it will allow users to create video content within its mobile app.

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The new function, currently only available to “frequent contributors,” makes it easy to create and share video simply by clicking on a new “Video” icon to the right of the current camera button. Once you’ve recorded a video, simply press the “Next” button will upload the video directly into users timelines for all their connections to see.

From sharing a day in the life of your brand, to interview style updates and more, how can you use this new feature to tell your brand’s story?

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