How to Optimize your Blog for SEO

Aug 2017

How to Optimize your Blog for SEO

If you want to rank high on Google’s search engine, your site needs to catch the eye of Google’s algorithm with new content. The most efficient way to generate new and consistent content is with a blog. When it comes to setting yourself up for success, you should not overlook Search Engine Optimization as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Writing great content as part of your strategy is important, but in order for your audience to see that content you need to optimize your blog post, so it is more visible. Here are a few important pieces to the SEO puzzle.

Find Your Keywords

The key to any great strategy is research. Doing keyword research is an essential first step to blog writing. It’s likely that you will include keywords naturally throughout your blog, but you want to be sure that the keywords that will rank the highest are included. Google has tools that allow you to find keywords related to your specific topic. Don’t skip doing thorough research, as it’s an incredibly important step in any digital marketing strategy.  

Spread Keywords Throughout the Blog

Use keywords as they make sense in your blog; don’t try to stuff your post full of keywords. You can be penalized in your SEO ranking for using too many keywords if they take away from the quality of your content. Don’t write just for Google’s algorithm; write for the audience. Make sure to include keywords outside of the body of your blog.

If you include an image, which you should be, include a keyword in the alt-tag of the image. The title of the post should also include the top keyword in the post. Within the body of the post, you should be backlinking to previous blogs through keywords that relate to those specific topics.

Use Social Media to Increase the Reach of Your Blog Post

By sharing a blog on your social media platforms, you are extending the reach of that post beyond a Google search. Creating a connection to and from your blog and social channels will allow your audience to find your content more readily and increase visits to your website. The point of digital content is that it’s easily accessible; don’t make the mistake of forgetting the importance of connection online.



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