KWSM Core Value: Loyal

When you search the word loyal, you can’t find a definition that doesn’t have a dog in the example. At KWSM, we love our loyal office dogs, but being loyal as an employee is a core value our team members’ encompass every day as well.  


Being a loyal team member means that we each work hard for KWSM, and every person on the team is committed to the overall success of the company. KWSM is not just a stepping stone in our careers; it’s a home, and some of the employees have been with our digital marketing agency for three, four, or five-or-more years. While loyal employees may leave one day, the work they do here is their best and often even put the company’s interests ahead of their own. We are also loyal to other team members and know we are all working towards the same goal – collaborating to help each other grow and produce the best work. 


We love our clients, and our clients love results. They’ve hired us because they need help, and we accept that responsibility of telling their story and achieving their goals. The companies we work with know that we have their backs in any situation, and that’s what being loyal is all about. We are relentless in pursuit of the right answer, and when a client has a problem, we jump in to solve it with a smile on our face. 

We embrace a “Just say yes” attitude.  However, part of our loyalty to our clients is to gently push back against ideas or executions that will not serve them well.  While it can be difficult for most of us to do, we handle these situations professionally, and we do this with the best intentions. 

We think being dependable and having integrity is important and hope you do too. 

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We want to work with people who are passionate. Do you identify with this core value or any of our others that we’ve mentioned in our blogs?  If you have the ability to get excited and roll up your sleeves to serve our clients, we might just be the work-family you’re looking for!

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