How to Make Your Photo Stand Out on Instagram

Sep 2019

Most of us have one goal in mind when it comes to our business and social media: maximum engagement. We want our customers to engage and value our content. It’s easier said than done, but the best way to increase engagement is to share engaging content.

Here are the steps to make your photo stand out. These tips can be applied to every social media channel, but for this discussion, we’ll focus on the most image-centric of all – Instagram.



Instagram’s official page showcases several users from around the world utilizing their profile for creative expression. Businesses are thriving on this platform too, but you’ll need to need to be creative to stand out from the crowd.


Creativity involves transforming your ideas, imagination, and dreams into reality. Start with some research to see what other companies in your industry are doing on Instagram. Once you know what you’re up against, define your unique selling proposition or USP – the reason your product or service is different or better than your competitor’s. Focus on that unique quality instead of the product or service itself and you’ll be ready to make some truly creative content.



Lighting can make or break an image. Whether it’s dark and brooding or bright and happy, proper lighting needs to be intentional to set the right mood for your narrative.


Once again, start by researching your competition. Consumer products are often photographed with direct, natural lighting. Play with contrast, color filters, and highlights to stand out from the pack. Think about your USP and pick a lighting style that compliments the unique characteristics of your brand, product, or service. No matter what lighting style you prefer, always take high-resolution photos.


Placement and Quality

You can shed light on a particular product, but if it’s not at the forefront, what’s the point? Unless your product or service is related to a scavenger hunt, keep everything front and center for your primary images. 


One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is to vary the quality of their images from post to post. Poor image quality can create an equally poor perception of your product or message. Set high standards for the quality of your images from the start of your campaigns and stick with them.


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