It’s Time For A Social Media Refresh

social media channels refresh 

When you set up your social channels, you probably spent hours making sure they were perfect. You got the wording, the images, and your information exactly how you wanted. The initial work can give you a well-deserved sense of pride, but sometimes you need to revisit your work with new eyes. No matter how much work you put in, or how much you are happy with your previous work, it’s important to keep the phrase “kill your darlings” in mind. Just like in literature, where an author is forced to scrap parts they are particularly attached to in order to create a better story, sometimes you need to hit the refresh button and revamp your social presence. There are a few quick additions and changes that can make your entire page feel new and exciting for new followers and old ones alike.


Change Your Cover Image

Your banner image is the first impression someone will get of your brand, so make sure you knock it out of the park! Most sites stick with a static image, which can be gorgeous and pop off the page, but if you want to make a great impression, you should be using a video cover image instead.

Video is one of the most important parts of modern social media (“modern” being the last 2 years or so), and it isn’t just because of posts. Having compelling video on the top of your Facebook page can grab eyes, keep attention, and give examples of your product before users ever scroll to your news feed. Think of it as a chance to sell your product or service right off the bat.


Add A Chatbot On Your Facebook Page

People often think that all Facebook Pages are the same. They have the same functionality, the same visual set up, so how do you set yourself apart? Sure your branding and content is different, but now what? Facebook has some tools that most pages simply don’t know about, and one of those is the addition of a Chatbot.

An example of a Chatbot on Facebook.

Adding a menu that immediately pops up when users visit your page can go a long way in making their visit streamlined and easy, which will instantly inspire loyalty and raise their opinion of your business. Discover the 3 or 4 most sought-after answers and give users an easy way to find what they need. Your Facebook page is a gateway to your company, and a way to introduce yourself. Making people click around and search for easy information is going to hurt you. Getting someone to your page and then in the door is exactly what you want.


Video, Video, and Video

It is no secret video content is getting preferential treatment across social channels, particularly live video on Facebook. A consistent live braodcast once a week will not only help views, but will give you video you can repurpose later! A half hour livestream can become six videos at five minutes each, and you can make clips for Instagram and Twitter as well. Giving your audience visual treats on a regular basis will yield some amazing results.

There are numerous other ways to help give your page a refresh, so make sure you take a cue from spring and do some social media housecleaning to find even more ways to increase your brand!

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