3 Ways To Use Social Media At Events

Apr 2018
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Telling your brand’s story can sometimes go beyond the office and out into the world. Whether you travel to a trade show, a conference, or any other type of event, your brand has the opportunity to tell its story uniquely. Here are three ways you’ll want to use social media while you’re attending an event:


Instagram Stories

You’ll naturally be taking a lot of photos while you’re out, but keep in mind that you can use Instagram for a lot more than posting square images. Instagram stories allows you take your company’s image to the next level by inviting you to create fun and interactive content for your audience. This feature is especially useful for events because it brings your audience into an experience and makes them feel like they’re there with you. Its editing capabilities also enable you to have fun with your content by offering things like text overlay, tagging people/locations, and adding stickers and emojis. If you have more than 10,000 followers, you’ll be able to have people shop directly from your Instagram Stories, which can aid in increasing your web traffic and lead to conversions. For example, if you’re a buyer for a clothing company and you’re visiting a tradeshow, you could create a few Instagram Stories that highlight businesses you’ve worked with, and will continue working with, and link to their products on your site.



Showing your company’s story is just as important as telling it. If there are business owners or customers at the event that can vouch for your company’s products, take a moment to capture a quick video of them! Your audience will appreciate hearing someone else’s perspective and will become more connected to your brand’s mission. The best thing about these types of videos is that they don’t have to be a full-scale production. They can easily be shot on your iPhone and will provide an immense level of authenticity. You can also use these videos in multiple places for content such as a Facebook post, in a blog, or as an Instagram post/story.



Working with other business owners in order to cross-promote each other on social media can be a huge win for all parties involved. This gets your name out in front of different audiences and creates a sense of community. Be sure to plan ahead before you attend your event or conference so that all of you can decide on the best, unified marketing tactic. Whether you’re planning a product giveaway or a planned vacation for two lucky winners, you’ll want to ensure that you’re all on the same page for what you’re offering and what kind of content you’ll be promoting.


Using social media at events can be a great way to build brand awareness and give your audience a new look into your company! To up your Instagram game before the big event, check out these three photo-taking tips.


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