Instagram Is Going Live!

Instagram is taking after parent company Facebook after officially announcing that a new “live” feature will soon be made available to its estimated 400 million users. Instagram Is Going Live!

In the mean time, Twitter is beefing up its business sector with two new chatbot services, and Snacpchat is taking a swing at augmented reality with its latest filters. Here are this week’s top trending social media stories in the news!

Twitter Bots Are Taking Over For Business Profiles

 If you are a business owner, Twitter is making your life a little easier with its latest rollout of two new chatbot services.

The social platform announced in a recent blog post that it will soon feature a “Welcome Messages” service as well as a “Quick Replies” service aimed at quickly and efficiently getting customers quick and accurate answers to their questions.

Business owners will now have the ability to respond to their followers and customers regardless of business hours.

“Welcome Messages” will now allow brands to greet and engage with customers automatically. The “Quick Responses” feature will deliver engaging and informational messages to customer’s questions using the help of lists or self-guided answers based on the customers needs.

Are you doing the most you can to engage with your audience outside of normal business hours? Services like these from Twitter are a great way to stay in contact with your audience!

Snapchat Filters Taken To A New Level With Augmented Reality

Snapchat is keeping their popular “lenses” services ahead of the pack with its latest roll out of AR inspired updates.

The “World Lense” feature uses the back camera of mobile devices to display virtual effects that users can interact with.

If you’ve noticed glittering clouds floating around your Snapchat screen puking out rainbows, you have already witnessed the platform’s latest attempt to stay ahead of its competitors.

It is no secret that Facebook is closely following Snapchat’s success model, now offering their own “Stories” feature on Instagram as well as interactive filters.

Could Snapchat’s latest dive into AR be the boost they need to keep their the competitive edge?

Instagram Goes Live- What You Need To Know

 Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systroim has finally confirmed the live video rumors that have been swirling ever since the platform’s latest rollout of the Snapchat inspired “Stories” feature.

The news may come as no surprise as parent company Facebook has been leading the way with live video capabilities.

It was also widely reported Instagram was testing live video capabilities in Russia early last month.

Despite the news, there has still yet to be an official launch date, but if the rollout is anything like the success of “Stories,” Instagram will surely have another hit on it’s hands.

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