Instagram Hashtags: More Than Just For Show

instagram hashtags
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The fashion trends that stick around the longest are the ones that are both functional and fashionable. Hashtags are along the same lines. They’re fun to use, but they’re also extremely useful when it comes to incorporating them into your business’ marketing strategy. Here are three unique ways you can use hashtags on Instagram:


Use Within Bio


One of Instagram’s newest features lets you use a hashtag in your bio that’s clickable. This allows your current audience, and new viewers, to be able to click on a hashtag that’s relevant to your brand. If you have a special word or phrase that’s connected to your business, this is a great way to bring that phrase to life and encourage your audience to start using it. For example, say Nike turned their phrase ‘just do it’ into a hashtag and placed it in their bio for people to click on. This would be one way Nike could promote their famous catchphrase and emphasize the community mindset behind it by turning it into a collection of users’ photos/stories of how they’re living true to the phrase ‘just do it.’


Follow A Hashtag


You may be able to follow Instagram accounts, but you can also follow hashtags too. When you follow a hashtag, you immediately begin to see content in your feed that people post under that hashtag. This is a great way for your business to keep up with certain trends or experiences that are related to what your company does. It’s also a good way to look for inspiration or discover new people who would be good influencers/ambassadors for your business. Always keep in mind that you want to follow hashtags that are relevant to your brand. This way you’re feed doesn’t become cluttered with non-essential content and detract from your overall marketing goals.


Create A Branded Hashtag


Sometimes one hashtag can make a world of difference. Much like the Nike slogan discussed earlier, a branded hashtag has the power to create a community and form an experience for customers. It’s similar to getting matching tattoos with your best friend – albeit less permanent. A branded hashtag creates a bond between the business and its audience while simultaneously forming camaraderie amongst the audience. Not only will your hashtag promote your brand but it will also encourage community and conversation, which will help make your business more successful.


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